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Business Valuations

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Whatever your business aim is, knowing the worth of your business is essential for business expansion planning. However, business valuations can be controversial yet subjective at the same time and there are numerous reasons for conduction it such as ownership dispute, management decision making, mergers and acquisitions, ownership dispute, goodwill impairment etc.

These issues are rather sensitive and it needs a team of experts to not only incorporate numbers in conducting valuation but incorporate factors beyond the number data to conduct business valuations such as future market conditions etc.

Every business is different and our valuations methods vary and are customized according to the needs of the business or project. Some of the techniques that we use for valuations are the asset-based approach, discounted cash flow, future maintainable earning method, and market-based method.

What we offer under Business Valuations

Industrial Valuation

Our team covers all of the UAE and provides expert valuation advice for industrial and
warehouse clients. Our process includes property inspections, due diligence, and
market inquiries.

Portfolio and Financial Statement Valuation

Our portfolio valuations experts are focused on client satisfaction and customize services as per their needs. We provide accurate and transparent portfolio valuations for clients such as local authorities, private individuals, and property companies.

Residential Development Valuation

We cater to all types of residential developments such as low-rise and high-rise flats, large housing developments. We understand the development process in the UAE and we have a dedicated research team to support the valuation.

Retail Valuation

UAE has a large retail sector and we undertake valuations for all kinds of retail properties such as high street retail stores, shopping centers, supermarkets, etc. Our strong research capabilities ensure accurate valuations.

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