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Proper management of cash flow is essential to all kinds of businesses. One of the most essential activities in the process is accounts receivable management. Accounts receivable services are where customers owe the company money from the sales of goods or services. 

This is the income that a company makes, which enables it to cater for expenses. As such, their management is essential and a must.

Accounts receivable services may seem easy for many, but it can be complicated as it involves a lot of invoicing and sharing credit to customers. Given the scope of a business, terms of agreements, and the number of clients, it is vital to have a system that manages outstanding funds.

Accounts receivable management services provide monitor invoices, reduces collection times, track process times, increase timely payment rates, and more to improve the process.

Excellence Accounting Services provides account receivable outsourcing services to companies all over UAE, to ease the accounts receivable management services. Partnering with EAS can help your company access manpower and tools to assist in the collection of outstanding payments.

We not only provide top-notch quality account receivable services, but also offer lockbox services, cash applications, and access to accounting reports. EAS also sends out weekly summaries of our follow up with customers, including metrics and analysis regarding outstanding debt.

Accounts Receivable
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Benefits of Account Receivable Outsourcing Services

in Dubai and UAE

Affordable Rates

Account receivable experts provide services at a friendly price, ensuring that you receive high ROI and cut costs by up to 75%

Easy Retrieval of Information

Specialists provide a central repository for various documentation needed for customer service. You can access data via a cloud server.

Quick Access to Data

Accounts experts collect and mail deliveries from a single source and offer easy access to various document images.

Increase Cash Flow

An Outsourcing Accounts Receivable expert can also help reduce bad debt and delinquencies. They can also increase cash flow and revenues as well.

Our Accounts Receivable Services in Dubai and UAE

Account Receivable Services that EAS offers include:

Real estate accounts receivable services.

Accounts receivable factoring services.

Accounts receivable aging report Creation.

Preparation of billings and mailing after customer approval.

Feeding transactions into the accounting software.

Preparation and delivery of periodic statements.

Providing credit memos and refund customer approved checks.

Conducting process modifications approved by customers.

Place cash received to the accounts of the customer and handling short pays.

Looking for a Professional to Outsource Work?

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Why Choose Us

Here are benefits of outsourcing your Accounts Receivable to Excellence Accounting Services:

Customer Follow-up

We have the professionals, best procedure, and best techniques to manage receivables, help customers when they need us and streamline general collections.

Save Time
Preparing and issuing receipts and invoices, pursuing clients for payment, and monitoring, logging and updating account receivable data is strenuous. We’ll get it done promptly.
Deduct Day Sales Outsourcing
We make sure invoices go to the right recipient for approval and follow up payment with the right person. Our proven methods can collect cash faster and curb delinquent customers.
Improve Turnover
If you’re seeking finance, it is important to have a high ratio of your accounts receivable. If money is collected timely, you are in perfect state with banks and investors.

Looking for Accurate and Reliable Accounts Receivable Services in Dubai and UAE?

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