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Financial Reporting

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Our accurate and detailed financial reporting services can help you make informed decisions by providing a clear picture about where the business stands. The accuracy of financial reporting can make or break an organization’s future direction. Hence, our focus at attention to detail prevents any discrepancies and ensure high quality of work.

What we offer under Financial Reporting

Financial Statements

  • Income

The income statement is prepared every yearly/quarterly to summarise your expenses and revenues. It helps you to make better decisions about reducing costs and maximizing revenues.


  • Balance Sheet

The balance sheet demonstrates the firm’s net equity, assets, and liabilities at end of financial year. This is another key part of financial statements to understand the asset and liability position of your company.


  • Statement of Cash Flow

Cash flow statement enables you to see your firm’s investing, financing and operating activities in one place. It showcases the use and the source of cash for a financial year displaying the beginning and ending balance of cash.

Aging Analysis (debtors, creditors, inventories)

Debtors aging analysis shows the allowance for doubtful accounts, while creditors aging analysis tells you the due dates for purchase invoices and the credit limit you are given. The stock aging analysis is used to monitor stock and identify slow-moving inventory.

Performance Analysis

As your business grows, you require more sophisticated decision making approaches such as considering historical financial, operational data and future projections. Our service aims to help you minimize internal costs and maximize the potential.

Management reports specific to your business

We design customized management reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that track and measure business-critical information. We convert that data into the meaningful graphical representation to help you measure your business performance effortlessly.

Fixed Asset and Depreciation Calculations

You might ask if it is worth addressing depreciation values into accounting process every year? The answer is a big YES. It can leave big savings such as tax saving since it is tax deductible enables to replace future assets using the right amount of revenue & more.

Inventory Reports

These reports are specially designed for you to track all the transactions that involve inventory items and lets you to narrow down a large quantity of data. The reports include information such as inventory items, quantities, costs, reordering information and more.

Payroll Registers

We provide a comprehensive service wherein we handle all aspects of payroll from start to finish. The report would contain a summary of payments and deductions, the breakdown of employer costs, payment method totals, salaried and hourly paid employee information and much more.

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