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We are proud to launch Excellence Accounting Services VAT Training Program. We are committed to provide comprehensive VAT training to you and your staff covering all major areas of VAT in UAE. Our training program is tailored as per the needs your business.

The program examines the rules and regulations of VAT in the UAE market and illustrates the procedures that a firm can put in place to ensure that VAT return filing is done accurately and timely.

Training is provided in a flexible manner, it can be delivered in single sessions or multiple sessions. Additionally, the sessions will focus on case studies to help you enhance confidence in applying the learnings and skills acquired during the training program.

Our VAT Training Session covers:

VAT Registration Process

We teach you all the steps you should follow to register your company for VAT registration in UAE. All the details are clearly instructed, all doubts are clarified about the registration process and by the end of the training program you will be able to register for VAT, independently by yourself.

Tax Invoice

We equip you with all knowledge required to produce tax invoice for your firm. We teach you how to record complete detailed of taxable supplies made during the fiscal year. We train your staff to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the tax invoices produced meet the UAE VAT laws, and are accurate and complete.


We offer detailed training and share knowledge about different nature or supplies and how to deal with VAT related to them such as taxable supplies, zero rated, exempt supplies and out of scope supplies. This will enable you to independently produce accurate invoice with the right taxation incorporated.

Input and Output Tax

In this section, we look into the ways VAT works such as in respect with output and input tax. We teach you how to calculate output VAT and input VAT along with looking at some case studies to provide a clearer picture about how it is done in a real business scenario.

VAT for Imports and Exports

We explore your understanding about the impact of VAT on the exports and imports and further your knowledge about the actual impact it has. Also, we teach you how to calculate VAT on imports and exports precisely.

VAT documentation

We will teach you the best solutions to ensure that all the documentations are up-to-date. This will help you prepare required documentations for VAT registration, VAT return filing, VAT refund claim, administration work, legal reasons etc.

VAT Return Filing

We illustrate the how the return form should be filled and cover topics about the goods and services and their VAT accounting treatment depending on their type. After this session, you will be well equipped with the knowledge you require to file VAT return independently.

Accounting for VAT

We train with the skill to incorporate VAT into your daily accounting practices such as sales, expenses, discounts, sales return, goods exchange, fixed asset purchase and sales etc. Bad debt and write offs accounting treatment also change and we teach you all you need to know to renew your accounting practices as per VAT laws.


We teach you everything needed to be compliant with the VAT laws and regulations. We provide guidance to prevent you from any administration penalties that are imposed on tax violation. We will help you to be fully prepared to face the impacts of VAT implementation might have on your business and be compliant.

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