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Are you buying or selling your business in the United Arab Emirates? If so, you are probably wondering how you could get an appropriate appraisal that your stakeholders can see. You sure want to avoid selling your business for less amount of what you truly deserve. Perhaps you are purchasing a business and are not sure if the price you are paying for is fair, a business valuation could help you out.

Our goal is to provide clients with trustworthy business valuation services. From reviewing forecasted and historical information, balance sheet analysis, cash flow, income statements, carrying out meetings with managers to discuss operations, and more. Whatever your business goals are, Excellence Accounting Services guarantees authentic and correct reports for ensuring your financials are professionally done.

Business Valuation In Dubai Uae
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Benefits of Outsourcing Business Valuation Services

Let us put some light on the benefits of hiring an outsourced business valuation expert in Dubai, UAE:

Our Business Valuation Services in Dubai and UAE are:

Excellence Accounting Services provides the following key Business Valuation Services

Transaction Advisory

We offer model validation, mergers & acquisition analysis, synergy analysis, equity structures, information memorandums, and optimal debts.

Audit Support

Our business valuation experts provide tailored auditing support on security pricing valuations, model valuation and more.

Start-up Valuations

EAS helps venture capitalists and aspiring business owners in equity ownership negotiations. We help to evaluate equity during fundraising.

Due Diligence Support

Our valuation pros are trained to manage various types of due diligence support needs such as data room organization, data collection, research, investigation, and communication.

Portfolio Valuations

We provide custom valuation advice on portfolios such as derivatives, fixed income assets, equity investments, and side pocket investments.

Real Estate Valuations

We offer premier support for real estate transactions including lease financing valuations, purchase price allocations, financial reporting, and sale lease backs.

Compensation Valuation

We offer valuation support for employee compensation plans, incentives, revenue sharing, and performance associated awards.

Other Services

We provide extra valuation services such as key indicator reports, capital asset advisory, compliance scenario analysis, financial statement analysis, and key indicator reports.

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Why Choose Us

Working with us has so many benefits. Here are the reasons why clients across the UAE trust our business valuation services:


Our business valuation outsourced experts are trusted by buyers, business owners, and companies. Our services are realistic and accurate valuations.

Solid Valuation Experience

We have handled numerous complex cases arising from sales and purchase contracts, and partnership disputes. Our experience proves our perfect results and strong decisions.

Experienced Valuation Analysts

We boast a great team of appraisers’ wit knowledge and experience to deliver valuations based upon certified professional standards- 100 percent committed solution providers.

Professional Valuation Reports

EAS provides resourceful and reliable valuation reports for businesses. Whatever your goal, we know valuations are important in decision-making. Let’s help you make smart decisions.

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