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An External Audit is a separate analysis of financial records carried out regularly to maintain transparency and accuracy. It streamlines financial statements and ensures it adheres to the standards. Consultants audit to evaluate the precision of the statements and the financial status of the business.

At Excellence Accounting Services, we offer bespoke audit outsource services to meet our client’s needs. We are certified audit specialists under the UAE Ministry of Finance, legalized to conduct external audit services based on the regulatory rules and regulations.

Auditing Services are crucial that you can’t avoid as an entrepreneur and business owner to monitor the performance of your business.  We promise our client’s satisfactory service.

External Audit Services In Dubai Uae
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Benefits of External Auditing Outsourcing Services

in Dubai and UAE

Compliant with Laws and Regulations

The UAE government has set stringent laws about businesses financial operations. So, if you are running a business, you may benefit from the services of external auditors who can help you prepare for your annual trade license renewal.

Ensure Accuracy Financial Data

In-house accountants must provide financial data that a certified auditor must verify to be able to evaluate current status of your company- whether you are running at a loss or are making profit and changes to be made for growth.

Improves Financial Credibility

Dubai external auditors are available to assess your financial activities of your business and make sure they are correct and comply with the laws. A certified auditor creates a valid audit report which come in handy when applying for loan.

Deter Malpractices and Fraud

It may occur that fraudsters are in your company and they rarely get caught. And if they get noticed, it is often quite late and the company has already run at a loss. But thanks to external auditing services, you can monitor any malpractices.

Our External Audit Services in Dubai and UAE are:

In Dubai, UAE, we offer the focus on deliver topnotch audits services. We provide the following crucial internal audit reports:

Financial Statement

Accounting Records

In-Depth Data Analysis

Integrated Reporting

Quality Control

Summary and Conclusion

Discover Your Business Health & Performance

with Our World Class Audit Services in Dubai, UAE
Why Choose Us

When you choose Excellence Accounting Services for your External Auditing, you are choosing experts with the following qualities:

Top Auditors on Board

At Excellence Accounting Services, we work with the best. Professional certified accountants and ISO-certified auditors who are dedicated to provide quality services.

Long-term Industry

Finance is an industry where experience is important. We vast experience in auditing in Dubai, UAE, you can have faith in our services completely.

Affordable Services

Our auditing services in Dubai don’t burn the wallet and are economical to even tiniest business. We charge fairly and reasonably.

Compliant with International Standards

With a solid outreach in the UAE and across the borders, EAS follows global auditing standards to ensure quality services rendered to clients.

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