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Economic Substance Regulations Services

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If you are concerned about the new Economic Substance Regulation services, EAS offers a custom outsourcing solution to respond to it. Our goal is to ensure that you understand Economic Substance Regulation and how it can impact your business.

To respond to economic substance, the law requires companies to seek assistance or outsourcing with the following conditions met, based on article 6 of the Economic Substance Test of the Law. You can subcontract to us as we fulfill the following conditions:

We are located in the Emirates, that includes our offices, employees and expenses in Dubai.
Our consultants conduct activity based on the law- Core Income Generating Activities (CIGA).
We have enough expenses and ample human resources.
Economic Substance Regulations
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Benefits of Economic Substance Regulations Services

in Dubai, UAE

Our Economic Substance Regulation Services in Dubai and UAE are:

Our Economic Substance Regulations services in the UAE include the following:

Completion of the needed tasks such as take orders, manage stock, bank reconciliation, account entries and so on.

Creating minutes for directors and for genera meetings including general meeting to help managers make informed decision.

Help with report reporting and dissemination to the right authority.

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