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Due Diligence

Invest in a company? Do you know their liability status or if they are financially stable?
Before risking high equity stakes, let us do a background check first!

Our due diligence service investigates the attractiveness of the investment you want to make to help make a more informed decision and draw light on factors that will make the transaction successful. Investing funds is an important aspect for any business but without a thorough investigation, it can cost your business.

These investigations are crucial if want to protect your company from any future shocks and loss on investments. Due diligence process is extremely important if you are taking part in mergers acquisitions. Our diligence due processes will reveal all the details you should know about the firm you want to invest your stakes in,

We cover aspects such as the company’s liabilities and find out if they are free from any black backgrounds in their history such as financial instability, high liabilities etc.

It is also crucial if you want to find out about: criminal proceedings, business credit reports, partnership, business, and other joint corporate records, property and other assets, legal due diligence etc.

So, before taking a step towards investment, get in touch with us to receive a detailed report about the company you want to invest in.

What we offer under Due Diligence

Business Due Diligence

We assess the cash flows such as revenues and expenses to establish if the business has the potential to grow and how sustainable the investment would be in the long-run.

Accounting Due Diligence

This is one of the most crucial analysis and accuracy of this documentation is very important to take informed decisions. We will produce ‘quality of earnings’ report and also, assess the credibility of financial reports of the company you want to invest in.

Legal Due Diligence

We look into any potential liability and legal issues that a firm might be facing before you make an investment. This assessment will cover aspects such as current contracts, leases, court cases etc.

IT Due diligence

Before you go ahead with the deal, we produce a report about the IT security risks, downtime issues and the current IT resources available. These issues need to be resolved before making an investment or acquiring another business.

Environmental Due diligence

Environmental sustainability is an essential aspect of a company’s social responsibility. So, uncovering any environmental risks that maybe be associated with a new product or acquiring another company needs to be addressed.

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