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Successful transactions are those that have undergone detailed Due Diligence Processes. Assessing the efficiency of infrastructure, processes, financial and system reporting, and projecting future capital needs are critical to carrying out research and will eventually allow accompanying to optimize value.

Excellence Accounting Services inclusive solution is designed to help clients or HR, compliance, IT, tax, and financial due diligence. Companies also benefit from EAS experience various other provisions such as sell-side diligence offerings, spotting core deal issues, and identifying undisclosed risks, and offering useful insights.

EAS also customizes the approach of each transaction to drive value and deliver top-notch work product in a timely fashion. Our UAE Due Diligence consultants have vast experience in offering advisory services in all matters spanning business.

Due Diligence Services In Dubai Uae
EAS Can Conduct Advanced Background Checks for You. Know The Story Behind Your Reports.

Benefits of Outsourcing Due Diligence Services

in Dubai, UAE

Guarantees Secure Investments

With proper risk-benefit analysis for maximum financial projections for planning, investments and use.

Cohesive Solutions

With bespoke & comprehensive analysis that takes into account structural, technical, & environmental factors affecting your business.

Attain Planning & Legal Certainty

With consultants’ vast knowledge of regulations and recognizing weakness, which reduces costly rework and liability risks.

Improved Negotiations

Due diligence services improve your ability to negotiate, with thorough, objective and unbiased data.

Our Due Diligence Services in Dubai and UAE are:

Our due diligence outsourcing services in the UAE include the following:

Operational Due Diligence

EAS consultants assess non-financial issues of a business, including risk and insurance assessment, system review, human resource activities, and management evaluation.

Financial Due Diligence

This is where we conduct analysis to validate financial statements. The aim of this process is to ensure businesses have data required to assess risk efficiently.

Legal Due Diligence

It includes research legal risks related to the right and obligations of the company. It involves property ownership, employment disputes, and intellectual property

Macro-environment Due Diligence

This process factors in external factors influencing a company’s decision making and affects strategies and performance.

Environmental Due Diligence

We identify management system implementation and environmental compliance gas and associated accurate actions.

Market Due Diligence

It is an important process in marketing strategizing. It is carried out at various stages in implementation. It factors in internal and external influences.

Production Due Diligence

It validates production data like memos, slips to make sure they are accurately maintained. It also validates machinery logbooks to assess production details.

Management Due Diligence

This is the analysis of actions and decisions of company managers to evaluate performance. The audit reviews policies, objectives, control, structure, and efficiency.

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Why Choose Us

Why choose us to conduct due diligence for your company? Here is why:

Bespoke Methods

We only access risk data in various domain leveraging non-invasive data collection techniques.

Wide Coverage

We know the market very well. The details and nuances, even in places where data may be insufficient.

Reliable Data Resources

Several human intelligence sources, using structured, world-check intelligence information data certified standard.

Reputable Team

As a services provider, EAS has a solid reputation for independence excellence. Our due diligence specialists have expertise in all industries.

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